What is Poly-phase Encryption?

Poly-phase Encryption (PPE) is a revolutionary new type of encryption.




The principle issue of modern cyber security is for the information to be usable it also usable by others, PPE allows the information to be usable by the authorised system but unusable by others. This is achieved through being able to process information within PPE, therefore the information would never need to be decoded.



This system would be exceptionally resistant to hacking and malware:



All system commands and permissions would be contained within PPE, meaning all commands would have to be submitted in PPE form otherwise be denied. Essentially as far as malware is concerned it would like sending a spy who does not speak the native language, they would not be effective.


Each system running a unique language, information always usable but never vulnerable.


PPE is also unpractical to brute force as its permutations are near endless.

The magnus code challenge is a mono-phase encryption, the information only exists in one state or each value has only one solution.


We have also developed a method of generating the encryption directly with no need of an intermediate string, this process has applications outside encryption such as probabilities, data modelling, simulations, gaming.